Why Our Law Office

Submitting to any sort of breath test, blood test, or field sobriety testing can create evidence for the prosecuting attorney, and put any accused into a tough situation to beat the DWI case. In fact, by refusing to participate in these sort of tests, you have just taken away the upper hand of the prosecutor. This is why it is both extremely important to understand one's rights and why hiring an experienced Houston DUI attorney is a crucial part to the success of a DUI/DWI case. Now one catch to this rule is the fact that if a person is currently on probation or parole, those individuals do not have the right to decline these sort of drunk driving impairment testing.  It is also important to note that, if these tests are refused, your drivers license will be suspended automatically, again this is why you need an experienced DWI attorney for help. The time frame in which it can be suspended is anywhere from 180 days to 2 years.

The Houston DUI attorneys at our law firm only handle DUI/DWI cases in the Houston Area. We don't handle any other types cases, strticly DUI/DWI. We deal with prosecutors and negotiate with them on a day to day basis. Our understanding of DUI laws in Texas and our approach allow us to provide an opportunity for our clients to have a real fighting chance when it comes do DUI crimes and DWI defense in Houston, Texas.  A DWI conviction can be a life changing event in many ways. It can result in a job loss, impact your life financially, and can create a criminal record for an individual. Hiring the right attorney can truly make a difference and impact your case.