Legal Rights

You have a legal right to hire an attorney in order to provide you with defense against a DWI/DUI. Understanding your rights is an essential part of DWI defense and many people are simply unaware of these rights.  

Experience Matters

Houston DWI Attorney Fiza Syed has represented many individuals in the Houston Area when it comes to DWI/DUI representation with much success. They key to having a good defense is understanding how the law can impact your case.

Our Houston DUI/DWI attorneys offer low flat fee discounted rates to our clients to help them save money up front and because all we handle is DWI/DUI cases on a daily basis. We are very experienced and proven.

Don't fight your DWI alone or settle for a public defender. Hire Houston DWI /DUI lawyers who have a proven track record for a flat rate you can afford. Our legal team is available 24 hours a day for your convenience. If you have been detained for suspicion of DWI, contact us now.

Consultations are free. Contact us today at 832-534-3529 in order to schedule your free initial consultation and one of our skiled Houston DWI/DUI attorneys will review your case. Be smart, talk to an experienced lawyer for help.

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Flat Fee DUI/DWI Lawyer - $1500 & UP 24 HRS



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